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Minister of Love

Wedding Officiant and Minister of Love.

It is my great joy to bless and unite two souls in sacred Union.  My style is playful, spiritual with a splash of religious undertones.  I like to bring in threads of the greatest truths and wisdom to each ceremony.  I am happy to customize this offering to suit your personal needs.

$333.00   (additional cost for travel of more than 60 miles).

I also offer New Arrival Blessings to souls who are recently joining us on this Earthly experience.  This can be a written blessing inviting all higher beings to assist or an in person ceremony.

$44.00 written 

$111.00 ceremony

And Soul Transitions into the next part of their journey back in to spirit and out of the body.  Like any minister I can sit with your beloved family member and help guide them through the process as well holding space, sharing guidance and awareness to assist family members.

This service is donation based...plus travel expenses.  

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