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Man this is a big one.  Do you KNOW that you are divine?  That you are created directly from the Source of Love. 


Part of remembering is connecting to that divine energy.  Cultivating your Claires -Turning it back on-- is how we can regain this awareness.  We have 5 extra sensory abilities.  Every person on the planet can develop these abilities.  Its a bit like a muscle that you build.  From my understanding we each have one claire that is stronger than the rest.  And is most active.  With time understanding and practice all can be activated and mastered.  Every thing in existence is an aspect of source energy and everything that was created was created by source energy.  Everything is divine and can be treated as such.  This means honoring they existence of all things in balance with self love.  I you run across someone who is unkind you can love them from afar.  You can recognize that they are also divine and not allow them space in your paradise.  It is your choice what you bring into your reality.  You are a divine creator here to create your own unique expression.  To express your divinity.

Remember Your Divinity 

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